Order of the Left Hand Path

Order of the Left Hand Path

History of the Order of the Left Hand Path

The Order of the Left Hand Path (OLHP) was founded in early 1990 by Faustus Scorpius. The OLHP was announced in the first issue of the magazine The Watcher, sometime between January and March 1990.

In context, the OLHP emerged towards the end of so-called Satanic Panic in the early 1990s where various groups and individuals were making claims of organised and widespread Satanic Ritual Abuse. Therefore, the Order of the Left Hand Path emerged as an adversary of those who claimed Satanists were involved in ritual abuse, and countered these claims by pointing out that Christian Child Abuse was occurring in various churches and religious organizations.

A quote from the stated aim published in The Watcher Issue #1 serves to illustrate the perspective the OLHP held on Satanism.

"Satan and The Watchers are thus symbols of rebellion against tyrannical god and moral concepts which stifle human ascent. We take our stand on the side of rebellion leading to liberation from slave religions, moralities and ideologies, the chief one being in the West at this time Judaeo-christianity, with Marxism and the Puritan money ethic (ideological liberalism) being excrescences of this heritage."

The first publication of the Order of the Left Hand Path was entitled Essays on Satanism and included various essays by Faustus Scorpius. By the next issue of The Watcher, in April 1990, the publications also included:

At this point a correspondence course in Satanism was initiated under the auspices of the Collegium Satanas.

The constitution of the OLHP was published in The Watcher Issue #9, November 1991.



1. The OLHP is an elitist Satanic Order existing to:
(a) Develop and actualize the full potential and inner qualities of each individual initiate;
(b) Herald the dawn of human Self-godhood, within the context of a Faustian Civilization.


2. Leadership is vested in the Magister, who has ultimate responsibility for the functioning and philosophy of the Order.
3. The priesthood, collectively, forms the Magister's advisory council, and shall be known as the Council of the Illuminati.
4. Upon the resignation or death of the Magister, the Council shall elect one of its number to assume the position.
5. The Magister may be replaced at any time by a majority vote of the Council.


6. The basic organization unit of the OLHP is the 'Coven.'
7. At least three Adepts within a given area may apply to the Magister to form a Coven.
8. Should a Coven be sanctioned by the Magister, it shall be granted a Charter.
9. A Charter of a Coven may be revoked at any time by the Magister.
10. In circumstances where there is no local ordained Priest/ess to preside over a Coven, the Adepts may elect a Master/Mistress from among themselves, whose position is subject to approval of the Magister.
11. A specialized 'Order' within the OLHP may be established by a Priest/ess, subject to approval by the Magister.


12. There are three degrees within the OLHP, which are attained by completing the prescribed examinations, as determined by the Magister:
Neophyte I°, Adept II°, Priest/ess III°.
13. The Degrees may only be undertaken by those of at least 18 years of age.
14. Upon Recognition, a Neophyte has one year to apply for the examination of Adept.
15. Examination for the Priesthood is undertaken by Adepts at the invitation of the Magister.


16. Nobody under then age of 18 is permitted to be in attendance at function of the Order.
17. Every initiate is obliged to obey the laws of the land of his residence.
18. No 'blood sacrifice' of any type are permitted to be undertaken by any initiate.
19. No narcotics of any type are permitted at functions of the Order.
20. Alcoholic intoxication is not permitted at any function of the Order.
21. Nothing shall be undertaken at any function of the Order which transgresses the free-will of any individual present.
22. Initiates are expected to obey the instructions of their immediate superiors.
23. Complaints of breaches of conduct may be brought by any initiate against any other initiate, and filed with the Magister for deliberation.
24. A Priest/ess or Coven Master/Mistress may suspend any subordinate, subject to review by the Magister.
25. Misconduct, as deemed by the Magister, may result in suspension or expulsion from the Order.

Constitutional interpretation and amendments

26. The Magister shall have ultimate responsibility for the questions of interpretation of this Constitution.

Faustus Scorpius (Magister)
25 September 1991CE

By mid-1993 the OLHP began to be influenced by the writings of Tani Jantsang, and article by her appearing in The Heretic Issue #6. Tani Jantsang's writings had more of an Oriental influence, and a more Hermetic approach.

However, by early January 1994 the OLHP jettisoned the Oriental influence and was re-constituted as the Ordo Sinistra Vivendi (Order of the Sinister Way). 

This following announcement was made in The Heretic Issue #7:

The OLHP has been reconstituted as the Ordo Sinistra Vivendi (Order of the Sinister Way). In so doing we have jettisoned the Oriental dogma that had come to dominate much of the OLHP's philosophy, which has no relevance to the realities of the present and future. Nor will we again allow ourselves to be subject to the influence of anyone on account of what traditions their friends and relatives belong to.

O.S.V. is getting back to the original principles the OLHP was founded on, a philosophy which had served us well, and which IS relevant to our times. We will not be hidebound by ANY DOGMA, but will adapt, create and adopt whatever serves our pursuit of the sinister dialectic.

An article entitled Sinistra Vivendi in the same issue outlined the OSV's conception of the Sinister Path:

The Sinister Way recognises the need to restore balance through opposition (heresy); to create through destruction.

The archetype of opposition to stasis and conformity best known in the West is Satan. It is from Hebrew word meaning "adversary and accuser." It is an archetype that exists probably in all cultures as a reflection of the universe itself.

In April 1994 it was announced the Magister Scorpius had retired from leading the OSV:

The founding Magister of the O.S.V./O.L.H.P. has retired in favour of H. Baynes, whose nomination went unopposed by the O.S.V. Priesthood Council. Magister Baynes is one of the early priests of the Order. He has many new ideas to invigorate it, and broaden the participation of members. He also plans new publications on esoteric practise, and an OSV journal.

The OSV's short lived journal was entitled Suspire and was primarily a creative outlet for members of the OSV, as opposed to the broad-perspective open-forum provided by The Heretic (and The Watcher before it).

In October 1994 several constitutional amendments where brought about by GM Baynes to broaden the scope of the OSV:

The Magister is now known as "Grand Master". The basic Order units are the Coven and the Temple.

The "Coven" remains the basic unit of the OSV, but "Temples" may be formed by an OSV Priest/ess who assumes the title of Magister Temple or Dominis Temple. Within the two levels of Priest/ess and Official Member are 7 Grades which are worked through on the aspirant's own cognizance: (1) Oblate, (2) Initiate, (3) Adept, (4) Priest/ess, (5) Magister Templi, (6) GM, (7) (WOLFS HOOK RUNE)

These changes were brought about by the influence of, and relationship with, the Order of Nine Angles, hence the adoption of the Septenary system (as evidenced by the 7 grades of the OSV listed above). While the ONA certainly influenced the development of the OSV philosophies there were certainly some differences.

One major difference was that the OSV promoted the use of drugs, including marijuana, opium, and mescaline.

The OSV's Aims and Organizational Structure was published in Suspire, Volume 1 Issue 4.

The Order's objectives are threefold: (I) to disseminate Traditional Satanism; (II) to hasten that which is drawing to its natural and proper conclusion; (III) to assist the social organism that will replace it. At this juncture, the West is in a decline due to the various ideologies that would create a homogenous society. The dominant hegemony seek a society enthralled by abstractions, either religious or economic; these ideologies promulgate meanings which have no basis in reality. The purveyors of this ideology will stop at nothing less than a tame and compliant society relieved of the joys of existence.

Ordo Sinistra Vivendi exists to presence the very forces which subvert this assumed consensus. The Order is a societal, and thus cosmic, nexus – returning the Dark Ones to Earth once more; and furthering the magickally cyclic forces of the macrocosm.

The Order is structured around seven grades:

The grade of Oblate is a novitiate position that signifies membership to the Order has not been finalized. At this level the professed Brother or Sister familiarize themselves with the Order's introductory texts.

An Initiate has full membership to the Order. They then begin to practice various 'occult' techniques which reveal the shadow-self.

The grade of External Adept is that of a magickally competent Initiate: and at this level, they should be conversant with the Order's esoteric doctrine as contained with Fyr Weges and various other Hermetick MSS.

The Internal Adept performs a more active role within the 'inner' Order; while becoming familiar with 'Forms', Aeonics, the Sinister Dialectic, and the relationship between them all.

Priests aid both the Order and the Sinister Dialectic: by adding to the Order's cannon and creating, via various media, Sinister Forms for dissemination within the 'public domain'. A Priesthood is by invitation of the Grand Master in recognition of the member's efforts on behalf of the Order and its goals.

The Grand Master, or Mistress, represents the organizational head of the Order and is responsible for the direction and development of the Order as a whole.

Aeturnus: Brothers and Sisters whose causal existence has ended.

Only the grades of Initiate and Priest are awarded by an Order official – all other grades are attained by the individual; there are no 'tokens' of achievement, only progress.

Any Order member may establish an Order Temple, and thus become Magister or Magistra Templi, with the object of (a) magickally manipulating a causal form; and (b) spreading the teachings of the Order. The Magister or Magistra Templi is the sole authority for the Temple and its members; only they can found, and administer or close the Temple.

The purpose of an Order Temple is to further The Sinister Dialectic, through the vehicle of Traditional Satanism: that is, the Tradition, as revealed by Ordo Sinistra Vivendi and its affiliated Orders. This means the Temple must practice the rites, and services, of the OSV, as prescribed by the various Order MSS.

There are no restrictions placed upon Order members – for this would be sham Satanism of a type unworthy of existence. Traditional Satanism is founded on a 'Master-Morality' from whence comes an individual ethos, an inherent morality, derived from personal experience and honour.

Ordo Sinistra Vivendi
New Moon IX 1996 ev

By mid-1996 various factors lead the OSV to once again rename itself. This time the death of the Ordo Sinistra Vivendi saw the emergence of the Order of the Deorc Fyre (ODF – Order of the Dark Fire). 

Soon after this an alliance between the Order of the Deorc Fyre, the Order of the Nine Angles, and The Black Order, formally acknowledged as a Black Axis. This alliance was an act of defiance against predominantly American Left Hand Path groups (such as the Temple of Set, and the Church of Satan) who were attempting to make Satanism "acceptable". The Temple of Set had forbidden their member from any involvement with the Order of Nine Angles due to the latter's advocating human sacrifice.

The ODF withdrew from the public in late 1997.

After 10 years of existence within the shadows, the wheel has gone full circle and a decision was made for the Order of the Left Hand Path to re-emerge. More will be posted as necessary.


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